Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Deck Chairs

Well it will be a week tomorrow since LV came down with Chicken pox. As we wait for the the inevitable..CLJ to get them, we are stuck indoors & our garden. So as boredom sets in, LV is finding it hard not to be with her friends and missing school. Even, with my grand ideas of art/making things, she still is beside herself....so here I am on this rather hot day, thinking about quite things, sitting & reading....in a deck chair. So many are around this time of year, but my favourite is the Thorn Back & Peel.
From top to bottom, Thorn Back & Peel, Art meets Matter both Penguin classic and Agatha Christie and Hen & Hammock
ps. listening to the birds singing! Also over the weekend, I popped to a car boot sale and will post my finds later!

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