Friday, 12 June 2009

Where dreams are made

Dreams of floating through moonlit streets, over seas and other islands, and wearing candy coloured fluffy full length dresses - I remember being introduced to the work of artist Marc Chagall as a teenager. Today I am wondering what he would make of the fast growing world of illustration. As a teenager, I loved the distant places that Chagall took me to. His paintings allowed the mystery of love to be alive and I was fascinated by the haunting depth of the colour blue. Then imagine my joy at finding illustrator Lisa Evans. One of her characters, Brigg, reminded me of my days growing up in inner-city London and looking out on the world from my mum's first floor flat. I love her....! Seriously, I feel like her work is the stuff that dreams are made of. Find out more about Lisa at
ps. currently listening to Leona Naess, Thirteens...very Sunday morning!!!

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