Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sweet Dreams

Truth be told my spare room looks like a junk room. I would love for it to have the warm welcome, but alas it is simply warm. This would be the mix of tranquil and vintage that I'm looking for. However with thoughts of renovating the kitchen, the last thing on our mind is decorating the guest room. So in the meantime I can but dream of the above. (no pun intended)!
Image taken from the Antoinette range at the sleep room


  1. We have a room exactly like that. i don't mean the picture, I mean the Junk one. It's my bid to keep the rest of the house relatively tidy. Unfortunately it's not working that well. Whoops!

  2. We never really unpacked, so we thought for the first six months of this year we would unpack, de-clutter, recycle and pass on and failing that simply bin! When the little ones are so little, can anything really be tidy?


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