Friday, 7 May 2010

Nelly the Elephant

By now, it is becoming a little obvious that I have a picture/print addiction. I love seeing so many homes, displaying a wonderful mix of print and oils, vintage and modern frames and the thought and expanse of grouping these together. The talented Betsy Benn's prints has grabbed my attention, in particular this Nelly the Elephant inspire one. Her warmth radiates in her work and she is certainly on my watch list!

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  1. Hi Dawn, you may or may not remember me - Sarah (Gill's bff) who emigrated to the USA, we have met a few times at Mead events! I spotted you had a blog via Gill and came to check it out - very nice.

    I am also a blogger of 2.5 yrs and love it too, pop in sometime, I'm usually more prolific but life has taken over right now!

    Tell Richard "hi" for me, you have a beautiful family together.


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