Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Little C, has a face that melts us.  Not so much today!  She cried from lunchtime onwards over every little thing.  Got upset if you suggested anything, moved her things, offered to help.  She then got a little jealous of L's new writing book and me helping her with homework, that she wrote her name on my new caramel shoes, the art chair and then our white sofa.  My blood was boiling, so I sent her to her room, I went in the garden to cool off and prepare my husband via a phone call to what kind of day I was having.  Half an hour later, when R got in, she had to answer to 'daddy' and was sent to bed.  Lets hope that she is refreshed tomorrow and is happy to turn over a new leaf.  My shoes are little ruined, but sofa has miraculously recovered with some elbow grease and soapy water.


  1. Aaww!! They drive us mad but we love them to the moon and back. I have none of my own but plenty of little ones in the family to enjoy! Even though it can be a challenge for us big people I love how little people are so true at expressing exactly how they are feeling! Hope she is better today:)

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    1. Love ' your oh dear' made me laugh out loud! D xx


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