Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Desk Nook

During this half term week, anything to do with chores, simply go out the window.  It is only one week so the girls and I are making the most of it.  L has been nursing me, bless her heart of gold and C has been bountiful with her cuddles.  Tomorrow R, is off for the next few days to join us in the fun!  We had some of the Cole and Son Rajapur wallpaper left over, so we were able to use it in our alcove.  Here is my workspace nook.  I love the calm.
This is what the alcove area used to look like!


  1. What a pretty desk nook! So neat and clean and pretty :) I love the wallpaper and that deer picture.

  2. Morning Dawn! What a beautiful, stylish home you have ... feel quite envious of the absence of clutter! The wallpaper is so lovely too.

    Claire xx

  3. happy new work space, I love it when everything is free from clutter and new and fresh....enjoy your space.
    oh and the rest of half term too.

  4. A beautiful space from which to make plans and dreams.


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