Thursday, 4 October 2012

Window Shopping Online!

Thank you for the lovely comments of encouragement and tips on de-cluttering.  Two more weeks, then we will have our lounge back.  The decoration may run in Mid Nov, but at least the real messy stuff will be done with.  So between cleaning daily layers of dust or making cups of tea and coffee for the workmen, I have been window shopping online.  My latest discovery is a lovely website that specialises in products being designed and made in GB.  The images are taken from Vinnie & D, but I could have featured the lovely Elsie Belle jewellery line or Rosalind Howards' cards.  But it was the Volpe & Volpe and my love for ceramics that won me over.  The matt versions of these vintage designed swans, that would look the part in our new study area.
ps. all photos taken from


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