Monday, 22 July 2013

Random Monday

After a people oriented weekend, I stayed in and cleaned.  I am trying to cram as much into the next 24 hours, as to relax with the girls for the next six weeks!  Advanced warning, as much I will endeavour to keep my posts regular, please bear with me during this summer season.  No doubt I will have endless photos of the girls to post, but maybe not so much still life works of mine.  Who knows?
During the summer holidays, our village feels a little bit like a ghost town, people truly disappear.  Anyway holiday tips please feel free to pass it on.  My random shots through the week, my favourite is the rose border in someones front garden.


  1. ha ha ha - just found the photo of the roses on interest and thought that looks local and now I see you are from West Sussex....not near Rustington by any chance??

    1. Yet to visit Rustington, a village outside of Brighton. Nice to know that there are other crafters nearby!


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