Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sea of Poppies

Rarely do I post over the weekend, as we try to keep it about family time.  The girls are a little hot, so cooling off playing camping and making dens in their bedrooms.  R is watching the Lions game (Rugby) and I couldnt resist posting these shots of the poppy field we visited this morning.  I spied this field on my food shop run last weekend, but didn't have a chance to head back until today.  It was a first for all of to wander through a sea of poppies.  Truth be told the adults loved it more than the girls as they got hot and bothered after half an hour!  Enjoy your weekend, may the sun shine x


  1. Simply stunning ... I love poppies ... so bright and happy ... Bee xx

  2. oh amazing.......enjoy the sunshine musnt say it but its a bit too hot now especially in London!

  3. Oh my - these are totally gorgeous.

    Nina x


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