Monday, 21 May 2012

Mid Morning

Ok, so Saturday morning my green tea was accompanied by some dark chocolate and nuts.  This morning it was accompanied by some caramel waffles.  However most of my time was the final image, washing, ironing, and bagging up clothes to go to various recipients.  Ps. Love my new white, it was a treat from R, for my de-cluttering efforts and was for the mini blue one, 50p from a local charity shop and my plant pot was £1.00!


  1. great light in the photo's and congratulations on the declutter that is for me the hardest chore!

    1. Always amazed how quick you are at messaging, thank you for the encouragement x x

  2. Okay, that is SO a mid-morning treat I would have!! I'm guessing you have a glowing complexion with antioxidants like that in your system! I love how quiet and peaceful your images are, even the pile of laundry I associate with calm and quiet because my mum's laundry overlooks the garden and it's a pleasure doing a load of washing. Hope you are super duper!


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