Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Feeling a little guilty that I have been neglecting the blog world of late.  Blogging has opened up so much for me, both in terms of the lovely kind feedback from you all, to finding out new sources of inspirations, a creative outlet, fabulous blogs and wonderful finds.  Also I feel lucky that I have made a few connections, through this cyber space.  Presently I am working hard on building a photography portfolio that I can start to showcase and also want to turn some of my images into cards, prints and canvas?!  What with juggling the home and family life and starting on my new adventure, things have been slipping.  The other distraction which, is far too distracting is pinterest!  Anyway, please be patient with me, I hope to get my blogging Mojo back!


  1. Always love to see your blog and especially your lovely still life photo's. I often wonder what I have done all day and am frustrated when I don' t get to do some work, it's always hard to juggle everything.
    Wishing you luck with your cards and prints sure they will be gorgeous.T x

  2. I know pretty much how you feel!! But I think a portfolio is a great idea for you, your photos are way cool. In the end all your efforts WILL be worth it and I think everyone in blog land is creative so we all know the demands that come with living a creative life therefore are all patient when our favourite bloggers take a break!!

  3. When I lose my mojo I find that a week or so away from the screen leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired! Gorgeous captures x


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