Thursday, 10 May 2012

A pocket of dry weather, so I snapped my neighbour's white lilac.  Really hoping to grow my own lilac someday.  There is a rumor that this weekend in the south of England, the rain will cease.  Fingers crossed that I will be able to shoot some more.  Any ideas for what I can shoot, I am looking for a challenge.  D x


  1. I really hope you're right about the rain stopping! Would be lovely to enjoy the sunshine if only for a couple of hours!

  2. Yey! the sun is shining here in Herts!
    I hope he visits you too this weekend

  3. How about part of or your whole front door? Or the most interesting light fitting or lamp in your usually shoot in daylight - what about a night shot of your bedside table with lamp? You usually arrange gorgeous items on top of a table - what about inside a suitcase? That's as far as my little brain will go this morning! Come to think of it - I find every shot a challenge! Happy snapping! Also - whatever you do looks brilliant anyway!


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