Thursday, 22 November 2012

Painted Cupboards

Finally we have painted cupboards.  Starting to organise them, one down and three to go.  Will be back in the blog world, just trying to stay on top of it all!  


  1. Hi there Dawn :) looks like it must have ben an intricate job but they look fantastic! Also love your indoor palms, funny that I have just photographed a hotel that featured a massive palm and thought to myself I'd love them in my house one day to give a sense of holiday retreat. Your blog makeover sounds good too, and I think a mood board is a great way to share more of what you're about but also to focus your interests for your own sake. I also find myself a massive drifter so when I'm creating i refer back to my visual diary to focus on what I really love. Anyways, hope you are super duper :) Oh, the one thing that is unique about your blog though is its simplicity (in your photography and your layout) and I think its a really nice feature :)

  2. Your cupboards look good! And I love the plant, we had the same one but I took it to my mum's when we moved to Ireland :( Have a lovely weekend! x


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