Monday, 5 November 2012

Styling Challenge

Today I thought that I would set myself a styling challenge.  To be honest I have decided to take up Veronika's offer to style my prints, but as I have these two back from the framers I couldn't help myself.      Presently I am only selling my framed prints to those that have enquired about them.  I have been chatting to a couple of retail/coffee places in Brighton about showing/selling my work and they have requested the prints to be framed.


  1. They fit perfectly in your new lounge.

  2. Beautiful pictures Dawn, that's great, having them displayed in coffee shops, am sure you'll do well selling them. I'm hoping to visit my friend in Brighton in the New Year, perhaps I'll see them!

    Thanks for your lovely comment over on mine xxx

  3. Love your wallpaper. I am waiting for a New Yorker we met in the Summer to open his picture framing shop to get my giveaway framed. Can't wait. Will show him the pictures of yours framed because I like them so much. Now all I need to do is get my kitchen done so it can take pride of place.


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