Wednesday, 28 November 2012


We are really trying to eat more fruit and vegetables instead of comfort food.  It is hard as the bitter cold sets in.  We are also trying to stay active about being outdoors, when my instinct is to hibernate.  We are attempting to put into practice living with less, enjoying this one as the true Christmas gift has lost it's meaning.  The girls and I are making some handmade Christmas bits for mood board.


  1. Hand made mood board sounds exciting, I always use to hibernate in winter now with a dog I am out in all weathers and I have to say I feel better for it!!

    1. Hey Tracey, I have heard it from my friends with dogs, say you never regret a walk! However there was a lot of bathing the dogs after the rain last week...far too much mud!
      Wish me luck with trying to get outside more than once a day!!!
      D xx


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