Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Blackberries Still Life

It was the first day of returning to the school run, my eldest L started year 3 and my youngest went to a meet the teacher session, in preparation for her starting part time tomorrow in reception.  My days are returning to half day school runs, which means I only have two hours either end to get things done!  So I am officially behind on printing my most recent still life series.  Also I have a plea for help, if you have any recommendation of a printer that could turn my prints into postcards, as the samples I had back, have not been successful.  Either the colour is all wrong or the quality has been a little weak!
ps. Still hoping to do my give away this week.


  1. Lovely picture and looking forward to your Giveaway! I'm hosting one at the moment, would love you to join in xxx

  2. Truly beautiful composition. Just lovely! xx Ruth


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