Friday, 7 September 2012

First Giveaway!

To launch my new Etsy shop, I am hosting my first give away.  I am giving away one of my prints, (your choice from the four above).  I am hoping to add some postcards to my shop very soon and in few weeks the latest prints from the still life series.  So please watch this space!
To enter, please state which you print your would like.  Also I am happy for you to mention the giveaway on your own blogs, if you so wish.  Closing date is this coming Wednesday 12th by midday (UK time)!  Thank you and fingers crossed!


  1. Wow - what a give away, I'm in for sure! That print with lemon would fit perfectly to our home - I just love yellow. And congrats to your new Etsy shop too!

  2. pretty pics perfect for a kitchen.

    i love the cherries best!!


  3. oooh they are all so truly scrumptious! The apples look like a classic painting but my favourite one has got to be the cherries. I'll go and check your shop out! Congrats on the opening! I'll give you a mention over at mine too. x (I still haven't got around to hosting a giveaway..was supposed to do one for my 100th post..oops :) )

  4. Hello Dawn, congratulations on your shop opening and all good wishes for a busy time with it. Your prints are all lovely but I love the cherries the best.

  5. Wow! Amazing prints! I love the apples. Reminds me of the apple tree in my garden!

  6. Your shop looks lovely Dawn, well done, I love the cherry's best too! Going to pop it on my blog now too!

  7. Beautiful prints, there are different things I love about each one, so hard to choose! All of them remind me of those Dutch still life paintings. I think I like the cherries best. Too hard!

  8. Your pictures are so lovely - sooooo hard to choose, but the apples wins for me! Good luck with the Etsy shop too.

  9. Just found you from Little dotty bird.
    Congratulatons with your Etsy shop! Your work is marvelous! I would love toparticipate on your givaway
    ( I think the cherries are my favourite )

    love from Norway

  10. Thank you, Thank you for your lovely comments and wishes, really appreciate it. Also lovely to get an idea what prints appeal to people. Dxxx

  11. It was a close run thing between the cherries and the lemons, but the lemons won out. Sorry that I haven't linked to your giveaway but that part of blogging skill is yet to be accomplished.

  12. Hello,
    loVely to blog hop and find you from 'A load of old tat' above..
    Wishing you the bestest of wishes for your new shop and am a thinking your pictures are wonderful!
    Could I be entered please and thank you!!!
    I love the vintage moulds best... xxxxx
    LoVe Maria x

    1. Of course and welcome, lovely to have you visit. D xx


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