Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Balancing Act

I have to admit I love terracotta pots but with the right type of plant and usually three of the same.  Yesterday it was time for me to experiment with painting one of pots.  Today was less exciting, it was all about the chores.  C amused herself whilst I sorting out piles of washing and cleaned the kitchen by balancing cars on the tops of our dining chairs.  This got me thinking about all things I precariously try to balance in my own life.  Some days I feel like it is an impossible task, yearning for more time to be creative or read, spending time with my girls, R and loved ones, errands and the things I forget to do!  How do you find balancing daily demands and dreams?


  1. i like the white version, but he original color wasn't that bad :) for a pot...

  2. Agree, these pots are so easy to work with!


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