Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Four More

These four shots were taken at Sarah W's home last Friday.  Her lovely handmade rabbit and cushions, got me thinking about my own making ideas.  Realistically this will not be until February next year.  L' has asked that for her 7th birthday next year she would like her own sewing machine.  So we may end with a mother/daughter make version posts!  The reason it has to go on hold is to do with my current capacity, it really feels truly limited.  R has a lot of work on up until Christmas, the girls have plays coming up, the main bedroom will be finished just before Christmas and January sees are builders descending on us for a further week to tie up the other bedrooms.  Also Su and I are working on a new Magpie and Mustard poster.


  1. Hi - Thanks for lovely comments on my blog - sorry I couldn't reply direct but your address came up as a 'no-reply blogger'. Love your beautiful blog and look forward to feasting my eyes on more. Marina (Jane) x

  2. sewing machine for 7th birthday,:) good girl!


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