Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Vintage Tea

Last week it was a friend's birthday and I bought this charming book The Vintage Tea Party Book.  She wrote a message saying "she is seriously in love with this book and cannot put it down" and who can blame her.  I cheekily photographed a couple of pages, in fact too many to choose from.  From the styling to the illustrations I too have a lot of love for this book.  Alas I have to be sensible about spending my pennies and owning too many things, so I am pleased with the simple notion that someone is enjoying this book more than me.


  1. Oh I love it too.......putting it on the christmas wish list

  2. that book looks so lovely, I've put it on my amazon wish list already!

  3. Glad that you like it, each page has something pretty on it!


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