Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunny Sunday at Rottingdean

 The bait
 The close up
 The onlookers
 The windy moments
 The calmer ones

Over tea yesterday evening L asked what can she write about at school on Monday when they have to write down their account from the weekend.  She was most upset that her Saturday amounted to hanging around the house, whilst I did errands, missing her Dad who was on a training course in London and wondering around carpet shops as I tried to find a happy medium between cost, colour and range.  So we surprised her and took the girls to Rottingdean, Brighton for a spot of beach strolling and sunday lunch.


  1. BEAUTIFUL shots! Such gorgeous colours. And Miss L is utterly adorable as usual. Wish we could share these moments with you all. xxx

  2. Your photos have a REAL sense of place and I really like their vibe!! You've made me miss the beach.... mmm.. and you've inspired me to take a trip when I have some time off soon! Hope you are really well, regards, Nadya.

  3. Lovely shots and what an amazing blue sky!

  4. Thank you, it was a treat to benefit from the winter sun! Dx


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