Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Home Inspiration

For a long time I have been following a few things from my life.  The author Veronika inspires with her talent, finds, styling, photography and her creative home.  She has kindly allowed me to showcase her home.  Hope you enjoy it too!  Please feel free to pass on any links to other homes as I am trying to find inspiration, as I tie up our bedroom renovation, I will post our colour scheme tomorrow.


  1. What an incredibly beautiful home...love the flamingo wallpaper. I dont think my kids room will ever look that lovely and organised! ((or the rest of my house actually). Most inspiring to see x

  2. Yip that's lovely. I like that print above the shelves. Nice find!

  3. Beautiful. I love Pinterest these days for the inspiration it offers.
    Have a great day and thanks for your lovely comment!
    Kate x


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