Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bedroom Bliss

Here is a little Sneak Peak into our unfinished, half decorated new bedroom.  We have to paint our new headboard the same colour as the skirting (Lamp Room Grey), finish painting the second coat in en-suite and the dormer.  Pictures are hopefully going up tomorrow and out bed is moved upstairs and unsure when the new curtains will be finished.  So even though it is exciting, I am more thrilled with the wonderful response we got on Facebook re: random acts of kindness.  
DM and I planned to go to one of the children's wards on Christmas Eve to deliver some gifts, but we learned that there are three wards with a total of 44 children in, with possibly most facing Christmas in hospital.  We only organised ten or so gifts, so put in Facebook and DM mentioned to her neighbours and to date we have a totally of 4o+ gifts.  We are bowled over by the generosity of others, so next year we are planning a christmas breakfast followed by gifts!


  1. wonderful idea....and the room looks fantastic! colours...love the headboard, did you have it made? well done:)

  2. Hi V, Yes we had a local carpenter make the headboard, we are thrilled with the result. Thanks xx


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