Thursday, 15 December 2011

Signs of Snow

This morning the winter sun was bright and blinding, with a hint of chilliness settling in.  Maybe it will snow tonight?  We popped to a local visit, to hunt out the much talked about shop, 'The Den' to only find that it was closed.  I snapped a peep shot of the inside.
ps. first photo was of L's last day with her favourite stripy gloves, that got lost in London over last weekend.


  1. Ah how lovely. I've just been looking at their cute website. I love the key pendant they have. Wish the shop were nearer!

  2. That first photograph is beautiful!

  3. Hi Annie, I will have to look up the key pendant.
    Thanks Nerys, for your lovely comment xx

  4. that shop looks amazing, like the look of the little fox peeking out from behind the candle! what a great idea for a sign!


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