Friday, 16 December 2011

Still Life

Each Friday I am thinking of having a regular life slot?  Happy Weekend, I'm assuming that you will be busy as it is only a week to go!  I'm off to Lewes for the morning, whilst R and the girls wrap presents and write cards.


  1. your pictures are always so serene and well composed. and oh how I miss Lewes...such beautiful and interesting little shops there! have a nice day x

  2. Thank you Lovely Lisa, for your encouragement. I like to think of things being peaceful, motionless.....the opposite to my two girls and family reality!!! Love it all xxx

  3. Oh how I love a trip to Lewes
    Breakfast in Bills followed by a rummage in Wickle.....bliss!
    Have a fab time

  4. Oh my, you read my mind...xx

  5. very very nice photo!!

  6. Your photos have so much presence, I can actually hear the silence if that makes sense! Hope you are well!


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