Monday, 12 December 2011

Getting Ready

In the light of this seasons busy, excited and Christmasy posts, I must apologise that I am feeling a little deflated.  The house needs to be cleaned for top to bottom, boxes need to be unpacked and put away and we are desperate for our home to feel a little more ready for Christmas.  Our wardrobes arrive tomorrow, which means that clothes no longer need storing on our arm chair and sewing table.  Also the carpet goes in for the new bedroom and then things should start to take shape.  In the meantime, I visited friend to take photos of her cake creations for her website, which were such a delight to photograph.  C, your home is so creatively inspiring.  The photos will follow after the embargo date has passed.  In the meantime a little glimpse of C & G's surroundings, my little grey and brown paper decorations waiting to go up and my assisted styling by my youngest Miss C.  Fingers crossed that we will have the house a little more sorted before the week is out!


  1. Wishing that things speed up for you and looking forward to the pictures of your friends creations.

  2. I love those paper trees, they're so understated and elegant. I love the photo with the yellow car.

  3. Thank you, the addition of the yellow car was placed by my youngest. Liza me too, fingers crossed that this week we'll see a break through.

  4. I hope you are soon unpacked and enjoying your lovely space.
    I love the grey trees, they're fab!

  5. A pleasure to have you share in our creativity. C&G xx


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