Monday, 10 September 2012

Last Days of the Summer

Even though we are making the most of the sun, we know from the late afternoon chill that the summer is drawing to an end.  Our highlight was cheering team GB on and feeling so very proud of our athletes.  As a family we really did ride the emotions of the Olympics and Paralympics.  Then the rest followed; days out, beach days, long walks, late nights and seeing my girls grow a little more independent of me, as they knew September bought in the new school year, juniors and reception!  Today feels like autumn, embracing all it brings us.


  1. Sweet photos, hope the term is going well.

  2. Great photos. The achievements of GB keep coming - Andy Murray won the US Open. A Grand Slam at last!

  3. Yay our summer is starting!!! They are so photogenic, I wander if they take after their Mum (hint, hint!)

  4. Today has felt so much like Autumn - I'm wrapped in a big old thick cable cardi as I sit here typing - oh my.

    Thank you so much for your kind words - we're settling in OK but gosh, the house is so quiet.

    take care and I hope all is OK at your end.

    Nina x


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