Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Today is only the second morning of the school run and I am shattered, yearning for those holiday lie-in's.  Also R went back to work last week and he has deadlines looming, so the girls and I are missing him, as he is working late.  Stocking up on cards, two of my favourites and two new discoveries.
I have been a big fan of Alison Hardcastle for a long time now, her simple use of handwritten fonts, lovely designs and stunning colours just win me over every time.  Also love my Tom Frost for Betty and Dupree and Helen Dardik for lagom finds, in fact so much, not sure I will send them out, maybe frame them and hang them up!  As for Debbie Urquhart, I have been a fan ever since reading about her many years ago.  Her paintings have such a stillness to them and often feature still life and you know how much I love still things!  Hope you like them too....


  1. I so know how you feel. It's only Wednesday, but even I wished this morning that it was the Christmas break again - I'm so tired of it all already.

    Thanks for the message and of course it's OK - I really need to have a blog spring clean myself.

    take care and Happy New Year,

    Nina x

    1. Indeed Nina, I just like not rushing in the mornings, I like the mornings to evolve rather then having time hanging over us.

      But with the promise of a few blue skies, we can at least get out with our cameras.

      D xxx

  2. Great card finds, I have a draw full of cards that I buy and then somehow cant send as I like them too much, always useful for inspiration, We are very lucky the primary school my son goes too is 5 min walk and my older son has a 8 minute walk to secondary school so I cant complain, I can only get on with things once they leave but am always grateful I dont need to face the traffic.
    Thanks for adding me to your blog list. Every day I think I may redesign my blog but somehow don't .....its on my list of to do's for January so hopefully......xx

    1. Oh Tracey, we do walk as parking near the school would be a nightmare! Also 'technically' I live inside the village, so I have no excuse to drive. C's infants is just under 10 mins walk and L's junior school is just over 15 mins walk. It is just that we pass the infants to get to the Juniors so the youngest has a double walk back on herself the mornings that we don't share the school run, (which is most)!! For me it is the earlier starts, with the routine of breakfast, dressing and brushing hair/teeth. I love the lazy mornings of the holidays.
      As for re-designing the blog, I have wanted to do it, but feel like I would not know where to start.


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