Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hotel Love

Ever since I've read about this hotel and I often visit its website to dream about a weekend away.  However I am still not ready to leave the girls with anyone, also we would have to save our pennies!  It would have be different if the girls were older, or if grandparents were younger or nearer.  But one day we'll have a weekend away, just 'us' until then we keep this dream on hold.  This lovely designed hotel is The William Cecil in Lincolnshire, in the town of Stamford.  Spread over three townhouses, with 27 bedrooms to choose from, each differing.  Boasting a highly recommended restaurant, the idea of weekend free from cooking is another plus point to getting away!
ps. C is still not settled, a weary me!


  1. That looks most lush:) Its a great way to pass the time don't you think? I love looking in hotel books and going on trips in my mind!

    1. Indeed, can't help but wish travel and hotels were less costly! Goodvtovdream xxx

  2. This is great! and I can't wait to check it out more! For sure will come back to see your newest post.


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