Monday, 28 January 2013


Oh dear, sums up the majority of my weekend.  Before I launch into how I wish to rewind, the positives; my dear friend gave birth to her second child (a baby boy), a lovely family get together and the sun came out to brighten us along the way.  Rewind, because I felt rushed from one thing to another, last minute things being forgotten, feeling hormonal all weekend and missing out on taking photographs.  Grateful that my husband was patient with me.  I did snap these three out twelve shots!  Did you make the most of your weekend?


  1. Your girls are so beautiful...and such a deep and meaningful expression in the second photo! It was so nice to catch a glimpse of sun on Sunday..we actually made it to the beach! I was in paradise as there was tonnes of driftwood washed up after all the stormy weather and floods! A patient husband is a good find indeed ! x

    1. Yes, it is good to appreciate good husbands. Thank you, I did debate which one of C to put in as her deep expression comes from her feeling tired!!! Dxx


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